This is a list of the current equipment that dj embe has available to use at your party or event.
If any special equipment is needed or desired, please ask and we'll work to get it for you!

2 15" 300 watt Behringer Eurolive B1520 loudspeakers
2 15" 800 watt Behringer Eurolive B1520 Pro loudspeakers
Behringer 18" Eurolive B1800X subwoofer
3 18" 1600 watt Behringer Eurolive B1800X Pro subwoofers
Phonic 2x600 watt power amplifier

2 Behringer Europower EP2500 2x1200 watt power amplifier
Behringer Ultrafex Pro multiband sound enhancer
Dual Stanton STR8-100 Digital Turntables
2 Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 Professional table top CD players
2 Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2 Professional table top CD players
Pioneer DJM-800 Professional DJ Effects Mixer
Tascam CD-X1700 Professional Dual CD Player
Tascam X-9 Digital mixer

10' x 10' lighting truss
5 American DJ Pocket Scan intelligent scanning lights
900 watt high-ouptut haze machine
750 watt Chauvet strobe light
5.0 mW green club laser Vertigo lighting effect
2 Widow 4.6 mW red laser lighta
12" mirror ball and colored spot
Chauvet mini-sphere
Blacklights (on request)
Color flood lighting (on request)
4 Chauvet computer controlled dimmer packs
2 Odyssey Gobo Storm lights
Odyssey Twister light
Odyssey Ripples light
Color floods/chasers

Billboard Top 100 hits 1970-2000
Billboard Top 40 (updated monthly)
rap/ R&B tracks
Club, House, Electro House
Trance, Progressive
various pop and rock cds and records
*ask about any specific songs

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