Dj embe provides mobile sound, lighting, and entertainment for parties, dances, weddings, and special events. We take great care in making sure our customers are satisfied by providing music and dress suitable for the occasion. Why should you hire a DJ?

Believe it or not, money is not something we're incredibly concerned about. We're not dj-ing to make money, we're dj-ing because we love doing it. With that in mind, we charge people only what we feel we need to keep quality equipment. This also means that we're incredibly flexible if you're on a budget, or if you would like to schedule us for a few events at a time.

  Formals / Dances:

This setup is great for large parties or dances where many people attend and introductions/announcements will be made periodically. With our wide variety of music, requests will always be taken, and we will make sure the music is appropriate for your event. This setup includes:

-CD players, mixers, and turntables
-Speakers and Amplifiers
-Full lighting truss
-All lights listed in the equipment section

  Large Parties:  

If you're having a serious party, this is the setup you need. We'll be ready to handle a large crowd with high power speakers and high end lighting. No matter where you are in the room, you'll be in the middle of the party. This setup includes:

-Cd Players, mixers, turntables
-Speakers to cover the crowd
-Full lighting truss
-Intelligent and sound activated lighting

  Meduim Parties:
  This setup is ideal for a meduim party or gathering. Requests for songs will always be honored, and special attention will be paid to the party atmosphere, keeping your guests moving all night. It includes:

-CD Players/mixers and possibly turntables
-Speakers and Amplifiers
-2 light stands or full lighting truss
-Intelligent lights and select others

  A partial list of previous clientele:

-Granville High School, Granville Ohio
-Northridge High School
-Central Christian Church, Newark Ohio
-The Main Place, Newark Ohio
-Alpha Epsilon Pi, Purdue University
-Lambda Chi Alpha, Purdue University
-Delta Chi - Purdue University
-Phi Kappa Tau - Purdue University
-Sigma Alpha Epislon - Purdue University
-Beta Theta Pi - Purdue University
-Psi Kappa
- Purdue University
-Black Student Union - Purdue University
-Sigma Nu - Purdue University
-College Mentors - Purdue University
-Eta Kappa Nu - Purdue University

-Bradley, Patterson, and Siebert Halls, Ohio State University
-Melophobia Winter 2004, Summer 05 Concert Tour (lighting)


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