Why should you hire a DJ?  
  One might ask "why should i pay for a dj when i could do it myself?" or maybe "my friend has a lot of music and he can do it for me." You might have all the music you want to hear, and you might even have speakers that could get loud enough to play it for a larger crowd, however that is not everything. Dj's bring more than just music to a party, they bring atmosphere. Getting anything less is not professional. Not only should you have music, professional mixers, and professional speakers, but you should have professional lighting.

Music is one of the more important factors contributing to the success of your party or event. In order to handle requests and be able to serve the true taste of the crowd, wide variety of music is needed for a night. Even though only about 60 songs are actually played during a four hour event, thousands are needed. Dj embe is equipped with a cd database of over 25,000 songs to match you with your music.

Professional mixers are very important because they let the dj mix and combine music in a way that would mot be possible with an ordinary cd player. With professional mixers and cd players, one song does not have to end for the other to start playing. There will not be a gap in between songs, so people dancing will hardly even notice a change in beat. Don't settle for unprofessional gear when paying a dj. Dj embe has professional equipment that you can check out in the equipment section.

Professional speakers are yet another crucial component of a great event. Many times people set up their home stereo equipment and when turned up it seems to be loud enough for the room in which they will host their event. The key problem is that once the room is filled with people, the sound will not carry as much and the music will lose volume. As many know, if a home stereo is turned up too loud it distorts and the sound quality declines. Professional speakers, however, are designed to put out high volume but keep a high level of quality. Dj embe uses professional dual 15" speakers that run at 400 watts rms. this means that while the music is playing, the speakers are putting out about 400 watts. Be careful when comparing speakers, however, because many systems rate their speakers in peak watts. You could purchase a stereo unit that says it's 300 watts, but that means peak. Peak performance is that ultimate limit where the speaker can no longer handle any more power. When this limit is reached the music is already distorted and sounds terrible. To compare, our system probably peaks out around 1200 watts.

The most overlooked part of having a dj is lighting. Sure music is great, but to create the desired atmosphere lights are essential. Dj embe has a total of twelve moving lights and three spot units. What this does is help provide the correct illumination and effect for the song. Nobody would want a strobe light during a slow song, and a soft glitter is not appropriate for a dance song either. We at Dj embe take pride in (and have fun playing with) our lighting. We guarantee that we will use all of our lights at your event. Next time you have a dj, count how many lights they have. Do they measure up?


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